A Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help Get Your Head Above Water

Does your credit debt just keep growing, despite your attempts to pay it down each month? Are you about to lose the car that gets you to work and takes your kids to school each day? Have bill collectors threatened to garnish your wages – money that you and your family can’t afford to spare?

Many people around Northeast Florida are scared to declare bankruptcy because of the social and financial stigma they believe comes with it, but sometimes it’s the best possible decision for you. After all, bankruptcy was created to allow people to start over fresh when their financial pressures become too much for them, and in today’s world, there are plenty of reasons why that might happen:

  • You lost your job. With rampant cutbacks and outsourcing, far too many are in the same boat.
  • You got divorced. More than half of all marriages end in divorce, and they can be costly.
  • You or a family member got sick. Even with good coverage, medical bills can stack up fast.
  • You bought too much house. It was a can’t-miss investment… until the economy unexpectedly went bad.
  • Your credit debt exploded. Over time, your interest rate can make it nearly impossible to pay back.

Whatever reason you’re struggling financially, filing for bankruptcy may be the best way to relieve the pressure and get back to your normal life. The only way to know for sure if it’s the right decision is to talk with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.


E.R. Mousa Knows Bankruptcy Isn’t the End – It’s a New Beginning

That’s why we also work with our clients to help them maintain or rebuild their credit score to a 720 or above using a proven and convenient online program. And we also put you in touch with carefully screened professionals who are willing and able to help you with:

  • Finding housing
  • Buying vehicles
  • Budgeting
  • Financial planning
  • Resolving tax liabilities
  • Fixing student loan issues
  • Short-selling unwanted property
  • Modifying your mortgage
  • And more!

In order for your bankruptcy to truly be a new beginning for you and your family, you need access to the right tools, and we’ll connect you with them.

Learn more about the process.

Make Sure Your Jacksonville Bankruptcy Goes Smoothly – Call Us Today

If you’re going to declare bankruptcy, you want to do it the right way and protect yourself in every way possible. E. R. Mousa has filed over 1,000 bankruptcies for Northeast Floridians just like you, so we know all the ins and outs of Florida bankruptcy and can make sure yours goes smoothly.

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